100 years of family tradition selling deep-sea frozen fish.

I.Q.F. Freezing system.

Individual Quick Frozen. Keeping the fish fresh.

Sale of deep-sea species.

Deep-sea species wholesale, sale of bate, I.Q.F. freezing services, cold-store warehousing, tuna-fish and big fishes.

Cold-store warehousing.

Services of cold-store warehousing with capacity for 4000 tons of sea products.

Francisco Muñiz e Hijos, S.A


Tradition and progress are the best description for our company, where knowledge converge with experience, all gained through several generations dedicated to the sea.

Our origins start in 1913, purse-seine fishing and trawling in the galician coastline; all this combined with hawking the catch in the local wholesale food market... sardines (sardina pichardus), horse mackerel (trachurus trachurus), mackerel (Scomber Scombrus y Scomber Japonicus)….

Carrying on with tradition and commitment based on the fishing of oil-rich fish as well as trading with fresh fish, it is in 1988 when the Muñiz Family creates Francisco Muñiz and Sons, Ltd. Very well known by its commercial brand, Pescados VIXA, starts its expansion with the marketing of pelagic frozen fish. It's a pioneer enterprise in the field of I.Q.F freezing system (Individual Quick Frozen). The purpose is to innovate in this process as well as freezing techniques.


Several modernization projects are guaranteed by the E.U, with the aim of achieving the best quality in our products. At the same time, we have been registered as an Exporting Company what increases the production capacity, covering national and international markets. This places us as one of the main firms in the exportation of pelagic frozen fish.

The methodical establishment and fulfilment of the Quality Control System and sanitary traceability helps to the improvement of the industrial and commercial development together with the company's overall management nowadays.
Constant revision of our working methodology and the study of new techniques and alternatives entitle us to assure the properties and qualities which we guarantee.
Nowadays VIXA is well known by an excellent freezing process of oil-rich fish, keeping intact the qualities, aspect and textures of the fish once it's frozen.