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Chub Mackerel (Scomber Japonicus)

The chub mackerel (scomber japonicus) is a kind of fish from the scombridae family. This species is very similar to mackerel (scomber scombrus); however, the marks in the inferior part make it different. The back is greenish and it has more or less clear lines. The flanks and the belly are silver-yellow, flecked with small spots like grey moles and the superior part of the head is translucent. The chub mackerel is a gregarious fish which carries out long migrations. It constitutes big shoals, especially in the seaside area and it can be usually found on the surface which favours the catch through trawling, net fishing or bottom-set net.

It is a very common fish in the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, and it is very appreciated for the taste and the consistency of the meat.

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Pcs./Kg. In Grams
2 Pcs. +/- 500 gr.
2/3 Pcs. 350 gr. – 500 gr.
3 Pcs. 300 gr. – 350 gr.
3/4 Pcs. 250 gr. – 300 gr.
4/5 Pcs. 180 gr. – 250 gr.
6/7 Pcs. 150 gr. – 180 gr.
7/8 Pcs. 125 gr. – 150 gr.
+8 Pcs. –125 gr.

Bulk box 10 Kg. Net

Bulk box 15 Kg. Net

Bulk box 20 Kg. Net

Nutritional value

Nutrition specialists over the world consider this rich-oil fish as an important source of Omega-3 and unsaturated fatty acids which prevent cardiovascular diseases as well as cancer.

The chub mackerel is a very healthy and high nutritional value food. It is ideal to keep a healthy and balanced diet, like the Mediterranean. It has a high protein and energy intake, but a lower content in carbohydrates. It is recommended to pregnant women and in children's diet.