100 years of family tradition selling deep-sea frozen fish.

I.Q.F. Freezing system.

Individual Quick Frozen. Keeping the fish fresh.

Sale of deep-sea species.

Deep-sea species wholesale, sale of bate, I.Q.F. freezing services, cold-store warehousing, tuna-fish and big fishes.

Cold-store warehousing.

Services of cold-store warehousing with capacity for 4000 tons of sea products.


Industrial facilities located and distributed in 22.000 square meters where it is worth highlighting its advanced refurbishment:

  • I.Q.F. freezing

    The two I.Q.F. freezing buildings, both independent, are the main axis. Both of them have been recently opened, in 2011; they are totally automated, processing 200 tons of fish a day.

  • Freezing storage up to 24.000 m³

    Four rooms equipped with mixed storage systems as shelf storage for EUR pallets, loading crates for non-pallet products and storage containers for tuna-fish and big fishes in bulk.

    These are placed nearby the classification room and loading bays, so the lost of coldness in the products is reduced to a minimum during the loading in the shipping and reception processes.They also have a location controlling system through a network, which provides all the necessary and updated information of the goods on a real-time basis. This way, traceability of the different batches and products is assured. Likewise it helps us to be agile and flexible according to our clients needs during the processes of loading and uploading, handling and storage.

  • Handling rooms

    More than 4000 sq. ft. are distributed in several rooms where the goods are received, whether fresh or frozen. Depending on the final destination, they follow different routes; freezing, classification, pallets, identification of the different consignments, labelling and storage, etc.

  • Offices

    Business offices are offered at the client's disposal, where they can supervise in situ all the steps done with their goods.

  • Other services

    Loading/uploading bays for containers
    Parking area for containers equipped with power points
    Parking area for clients and lorries
    Monitored premises