100 years of family tradition selling deep-sea frozen fish.

I.Q.F. Freezing system.

Individual Quick Frozen. Keeping the fish fresh.

Sale of deep-sea species.

Deep-sea species wholesale, sale of bate, I.Q.F. freezing services, cold-store warehousing, tuna-fish and big fishes.

Cold-store warehousing.

Services of cold-store warehousing with capacity for 4000 tons of sea products.


Day by day, VIXA© is consolidated beyond our borders, covering a wide range of countries which are currently the 80% of the sales volume. Once more, the great quality of our products speaks for itself, giving rise to a constant increase of the foreign market share year by year.

VIXA© carries out the supervision and control of the goods all along the freezing process, from the purchase of fresh products in the fish markets, transport and freezing to the subsequent sale, trying to avoid middlemen and other mediator agents. Consequently, competitive prices are achieved but not a decrease in quality.


  • España
  • Italia
  • Portugal
  • Rumania
  • Reino Unido
  • Egipto
  • Nigeria
  • Croacia
  • Holanda
  • Malta
  • Grecia
  • Marruecos
  • Bulgaria
  • Angola
  • Estados Unidos
  • Chile
  • Brasil
  • Uruguay
  • Corea
  • Polonia