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Sardine(Sardine Pilchardus)

Sardines, one of the most abundant pelagic fish, that lives far from the coast and whose fat content identifies them as blue fish. They are found mainly in warm and salty waters, grouped in large banks on marine surfaces, distinguishable at great distances because they form characteristic spots produced by their movement. They are fished mainly with purse-seine gear. Our variety, sardina pilchardus, common in the Atlantic Zone, is characterized by its slender body, with delicate scales; the back is bluish-green in color and the lateral and ventral regions are shiny silver. The head is well conspicuous, with a wide mouth, short and high dorsal fin.

Presentation Formats

Whole sardine I.Q.F.


Pzas./Kg. In grams
10 Pzas. +/- 100 gr.
10/12 Pzas. 100 gr. - 80 gr.
12/14 Pzas. 80 gr. – 70 gr.
14/16 Pzas. 70 gr. – 62 gr.
16/18 Pzas. 62 gr. – 55 gr.
18/20 Pzas. 55 gr. – 50 gr.
20/25 Pzas. 50 gr. – 40 gr.
25/30 Pzas. 40 gr. – 33 gr
+30 Pzas. - 30 gr.

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20 Kg. Net

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10 Kg. Net

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7 Kg. Net

Sardine (Sardine Pilchardus)

Nutritive Value

The sardine constitutes, together with the anchovy, one of the most popular fish in Spain. Blue fish par excellence, therefore more fatty, energetic and with more fat-soluble vitamins than white. In addition to fat, sardines have a high nutritional performance: they contain 18% protein, 74% water, vitamins A, D, B2, B3 and a wide variety of minerals, such as sodium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron. However, the proportion of fat in oily fish in general varies greatly from one to another. Even in the same species it can change significantly, so that at certain times of the year the same fish is lean and at other times fatty. Only two factors influence the quality of its meat: the degree of freshness and the time of year in which it is tasted. Its best time is the summer, September and October when the sardines have a higher fat content which accentuates the flavor and aroma of their meat.

Nutritional Information

Type For 1 unit
Energy (Kcal) 61.2
Protein (gr) 6.84
Carbohydrates (gr) 0
Fiber (gr) 0
Lipids (gr) 3.76
Saturated fatty acids (gr) 1.04
Monounsaturated fatty acids (gr) 1.12
Iron (mg) 1.08
Polyunsaturated fatty acids (gr) 1.16
Cholesterol (mg) 31.92
Calcium (mg) 20.16
Zinc (gr) 0.356

similar types and species

Alacha (Sardinella aurita)
(Eng) Round sardinella (Fr) Allache
Habita en el Mediterráneo.

South American or Chilean Sardine (Sardinops sagax)
(Eng) South American pilchard (Fr) Pilchard sudaméricain
They are found in huge numbers in the great currents of the Pacific.

It is fished throughout the year, preferably from February to November, with the summer months being September, October and November the best time for fat concentration.